It may take days or weeks after a disaster strikes to sort out the true needs of the community,

so please be patient.

“When Disaster Relief Brings Anything But Relief”

CBS News | April 24, 2016

Well meaning donations can sometimes turn into a “second-disaster” for relief workers and survivors.  Watch this video by CBS Morning News to find out how.

Video and article can be found at

How you can help…

  • For a listing of requested items and to offer items for donation, click HERE.  You will be contacted if your offer is needed.
  • Please donate ONLY those items which are requested by officials or listed on this site.
  • DO NOT donate used clothing, as most shelters and other facilities will not accept these items due to hygienic concerns.
  • Items not requested may go to waste and interfere with response efforts, as time is taken away from the immediate needs to manage, sort, and store donated items.

Other ways to help…

  • Hold a yard sale or put on a fund-raising event and donate money raised to a voluntary organization responding to this disaster.
  • If you have already collected goods but can’t find an agency that needs them, donate these items to a local charitable agency.