In this ever-changing climate of disasters, it may be hard to know how you can help, especially when you see disasters happening around the country, or even the globe!  But did you know, there is one way to help that is always needed?

Direct financial support to responding voluntary organizations is the best way to assist after a disaster, both in the immediate response and in the long recovery.  Find out why—and how you can help in some ongoing current disasters—below.


Cash allows disaster response organizations to:

    • purchase exactly what is needed when it is needed,
    • give back to the local economy to help businesses rebuild, and
    • focus more resources on the immediate needs rather than the management of material donations.


So, want to help?  Learn about some ongoing disasters and the ways you can help them below!


National Events

Lewiston, Maine Mass Shootings —

On October 25, 2023, a gunman killed 18 people and injured 13 others during a shooting spree in Lewiston, Maine.  Local response efforts have set up a fund to assist both victims and families, as well as the organizations helping them.

Maui Wildfires —

In August 2023, a series of wildfires broke out in Hawaii, predominantly on the island of Maui. The fires caused $5.5 billion of damage, killing at least 99 people and leaving six persons missing.

Financial Gift


Financial gifts made to organizations and foundations are collected, managed and disbursed by those entities. NJ Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NJVOAD), the NJ Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM), and the NJ Governor’s Office of Volunteerism do not promote any one organization over another and do not have any involvement in how funds are managed or disbursed.  These organizations have been vetted by NJVOAD, but you are encouraged to visit Guidestar, Charity Navigator, the Better Business Bureau and other watchdog sites to find the best match for you.